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Our Productions

Our production shows are made up of a group of talented dancers and stunning vocalists. Expect to see fabulous costumes, creative and innovative choreography, that will be sure to wow your audience! We cater for all occasions, from parties, weddings to festivals and theatres. If you have an event and you are looking to add some first-class entertainment than look no further than our brand-new production shows.

Night of Dance


1 hour 30-minute set, including a short 10-minute interval. A whole show of pure dance classics! A team of highly trained dancers will take you on an exciting dance journey, with classics such as Beyonce to Chicago the Musical. This show is a sure hit to get your audience moving and grooving along!

Classic Broadway Baby


1 hour and 30 minutes. Our fantastic team of highly trained singers and dancers will take you on a musical adventure filled with all your favorite West-end, Broadway hits! Hits from Grease to dances from West side Story. This show is bound to have you singing and dancing along!

The Great Gatsby


1 hour and 15-minute set of pure jazz classics. Our team of dancers and jazz singers will take you back to the Jazz age filled with beautiful flapper girl style costumes and stunning vocalists. Providing you with all your classic jazz hits and Charleston, jazz inspired choreography. This is one smooth and elegant set that will be a sure hit at any event.

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